Sandwich Sailing and Motor Boat Club

 Sandwich Sailing and Motor Boat Club was formed in 1949.  The picture above shows the MV Frederica Johanna, a Dutch barge and our clubhouse, on her journey to her new mooring on the River Stour. Read the story of the Club in the blog.

Featured:  Dennis' latest sailing adventures.


  Thanks to all who attended the AGM

it is much appreciated by your Committee

Paul Miller is now the club sectuary


 SPOT PRESS!!  We are looking for help in gathering data on the seal colony in the mouth of the river. all you need to record is Date, numbers of seals, size (big= Adult or small= pup), state of tide and weather, and pictures if you can, if you have a zoom lens all the better as we can than ID indivdual seals. This data will go to the local nature reserve warden Tony Swandale. 

So each time you wonder down into the bay don't forget pencil & paper. But please rember that these are wild animals and keep our intrusion as low as possible and observe the rules on the river keeping speed and noise low.

Welcome to Sandwich Sailing and Motor Boat Club

Enjoy browsing stories of our sailing adventures, social events and working parties, as well as viewing the club's facilities and checking the message boards. Do get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Chris Tappenden. Commodore

 AGM this year was on Sunday 24th February 2014

A good turnout this year with 22 members signing in with several partners also attending  the AGM. 2012 was a very busy year and 2013 looks to be much of the same.  All the committee was present and re-elected in the same offices the meeting proceeded well with all reports given and motions passed.


New bylaws in line with RYA are being drawn up to help members and the club  keep a family friendly atmosphire. We need to encarouge younger members.

After the work being carried out by the Enviromental Agency to improve the flood defence a more usable space will be handed back to the club and planes are afoot to improve the boat park allowing members to work on there boats.

Security cameras are now in place and a phone line is planned along with a computer with broadband internet connection. This will help to monitor security and safety of boats and members as the computer will be used to plan trips and admin of the club

Several new members have joined and space is a little tight. Peter Burnett our morring office is doing well at managing the space available.

A trip around to Dover is planned for the start of May, weather permiting.

September and the annual BBQ weekend at the Camp site

Work parties and social events TBA

With the increase in membership more places are now in place on the bar rota and each member working the bar will plan a theamed night. This is hoped to increase  deversity of events for the social calander, Watch the Events Page.

Please keep an eye on ths site for up and comming news and events although texts and emails  will be sent out to members who have registered their phone Numbers and email address with Paul Miller.


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